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Restoring Life to Sierra Leone

The Aminata Maternal Foundation was established to improve maternal mortality outcomes for women and babies in Sierra Leone. The Foundation takes a multi-faceted approach to empowering women through providing resources and education around pregnancy and pre and post-natal care. In 2016 we begin operations by partnering with the Aberdeen Women’s Clinic with a focus on fistula operations and supporting pregnant teenagers resulting from the Ebola crisis. Aminata’s ambition is to see women in her country of birth experience the joy of birth and life to the fullest.

from the front line


After 9 months of care, Isatu was finally healthy enough to be repaired.


My name is Hawa and I am 25. My schooling finished in year 3 of primary school because of the civil war.


Before coming to our centre Isha suffered for 23 years.


AMF and SBS Dateline presents ‘Daughter of Sierra Leone’

Our First Trip To Sierra Leone

The Aminata Maternal Foundation Launch