Motherhood should mark a beginning, not an end.

Help us achieve our goal of ending preventable maternal and infant deaths in Sierra Leone.

Our CEO and Founder, Aminata Conteh Biger, addressed the nation at the National Press Club on 25th May.

Her talk was full of emotion and raw vulnerability as she inspired the audience with her tragic story, and made her brave plea in asking for help to support the Foundation in saving mothers' and babies' lives in Sierra Leone.

To continue to save lives, we now need:

  • Sustainable giving in the form of corporate sponsorship, regular donations and workplace giving
  • Connections and contacts - access to people in networks who believe in our work
  • Professional pro-bono service offerings
  • Support the Foundation by buying Aminata's book Rising Heart and, engaging Aminata as a keynote speaker

Are You Our New Partnership & Philanthropy Manager?

We are very pleased to share this exciting news about an excellent work opportunity for a talented and committed fundraiser at our organisation and work directly with our inspiring woman and leader Aminata Conteh-Biger.


Aminata Conteh-Biger is our CEO and Founder, and her ultimate purpose is to restore dignity to humanity. 

After enduring the worst atrocities of human crime imaginable and escaping the violent and bloody civil war of Sierra Leone, Aminata became a refugee in Australia. But, it wasn’t until she nearly died during the birth of her first-born child that she realised how she could turn the pain of her experiences into her ultimate purpose. 

If she had been in Sierra Leone when her daughter was born, they both would have died. So now, she is on a mission to END unnecessary maternal and infant death through the Foundation.


The lifetime risk of maternal death in Sierra Leone is 1 in 17, one of the highest in the world.


1 in 10 children in Sierra Leone won’t see their fifth birthday.


Since 1990 Sierra Leone has dramatically reduced maternal and infant mortality. There are solutions! Working together, we can further reduce suffering.


We want no mother or baby to die during childbirth in Sierra Leone due to poverty.


“Let’s make birth safe now and for the future.”

Or the next generation of children in Sierra Leone may not arrive.

To strengthen the infrastructure of maternal healthcare in Sierra Leone. We do this through:

  • Midwifery training programs - training more midwives is at the core of our work to ensure a safe pregnancy protocol for ALL birthing mothers
  • Our Dream Team program - supports women with self-care, baby care, and essential life management skills to help them better their future
  • Safe transport and diagnostic support - helping women to and from our healthcare partner providers for pregnancy checks and safe delivery of their baby

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'Every 90 seconds, a pregnant woman dies.'

With sustainable giving we can save lives.

'Aminata knocked me out at our first meeting in Sydney some years ago...courage shining through as she spoke of some of her experiences in Sierra Leone. Her story, Rising Heart, will never leave you; searing, powerful, disturbing, hopeful.'

The Hon. Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO

'The spirit of Aminata's story will stay with you long after you finish reading. Rising Heart has refuelled my sense of perspective and purpose. Aminata's courage in sharing this intensely personal story is rewarded with the power of inspiring hope. Thank you, Aminata, for sharing.'

Yael Stone, actor and activist