Motherhood should mark a beginning, not an end.
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Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places on earth to give birth.


1 in 17 women die during childbirth in Sierra Leone while in Australia it is 1 in 8,700 women.

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Sierra Leone has less than 8 obstetricians for the same population as NSW (7.8 million).

1 in 10 children in Sierra Leone won't see their 5th birthday.


Dream team

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18 year-old Mary Sesay was living with her older sister in Aberdeen when she became pregnant.…



Blessing’s Story

On 9th January 2020, Blessing a 16-year-old girl delivered a beautiful baby girl. However, her story is one…



Amy’s Story

It was never going to be easy. Amy was just a year old when her late father abandoned…



Mabinty’s Story

Mabinty Conteh grew up in a village with her mother and father until her father abandoned the family…

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Our Vision

No mother or baby should die during childbirth in Sierra Leone due to poverty.

Watch our award-winning SBS Dateline documentary:

"The Daughter of Sierra Leone"