We are overjoyed to announce our Bluff & Swagger African Lunch Event on October 3rd celebrating the resilience and enthusiasm of the people of Sierra Leone.

The event is part of a new campaign to raise funds to provide a safe home for pregnant teenagers and new mothers to be able to give birth safely and have proper postnatal care.

There are very few facilities in rural areas in Sierra Leone where women can safely give birth and receive through pre and postnatal care. Pregnant women are then forced to travel great distances in order to reach a hospital to safely deliver their babies. The Aberdeen Women's Centre is one of the few places where pregnant women will receive the care and support they need.

However, it’s often the case that they have no choice but to sleep on nearby beaches or on the street which is very dangerous for their safety and health due to the lack of free accommodation.

This event will raise funds to build a Training Hostel which will be a training centre for vulnerable and destitute teenage mothers and fistula patients.  

The Aberdeen Women’s Centre has secured and refurbished a house to become a hostel that will provide much more than free accommodation, but a safe environment where the women can gain more skills training to ensure a sustainable future for them.

The Aberdeen Women’s Centre plans to train residents of the hostel as ‘house girls’ and run a social enterprise business employing the women, providing security and safety.

Our new mothers and their babies will be cared for, helped back to school, given employment training and helped to find safe jobs.

We invite you and your friends to join us at our Bluff & Swagger African Fashion Lunch! If you wish to buy tickets and join us in fundrasing for the young women and children of Sierra Leone follow the button below!

Help us change lives in Sierra Leone, as we aim to raise $50,000 towards this critical programme.


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