Not quite sure what to get Mum for Christmas this year? Checked off everyone on the Santas list except that one friend, who is always so hard to buy for? We can help.


Extend your love to the mothers and babies in Sierra Leone by giving a small but meaningful gift. Donate for yourself, or give a donation gift on behalf of someone you love. Regular-giving can make an important difference to hundreds of lives in Sierra Leone.


This Christmas, we have a target to help 250 children be seen at Aberdeen Children’s Clinic. We need your help.
Donate today.


By signing-up to regular giving on behalf of a friend or loved one, you can make an impactful difference for a child and their mother, for as little as $10 a month. This small but meaningful donation will give these children access to necessary healthcare at our clinic.

Your support in our Christmas appeal will help us help 250 children receive treatment at the Aberdeen Women's Centre giving them a better chance at life. Or, less than $2 per day will cover the cost for 12 women to safely give birth at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre.

Your donation will give children and mothers access to necessary health care and continue to help our foundation improve maternal health and the creation of sustainable communities.

Our foundation endeavours to create long-lasting change in the communities in Sierra Leone, your continued support is fundamental.

Choose the amount you would like to donate this Christmas and make a difference that really counts.

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