A Heartfelt Partnership: Aminata Maternal Foundation and Abundium’s Shared Mission

In our journey to make motherhood a hopeful beginning rather than an end, we've been blessed to have Abundium as a steadfast ally. This is the only cross-industry network for CEOs and senior leaders of multinational companies, with its mission centred around making organisational growth synonymous with social impact, they call it, growth for good!

Abundium accelerates the capability of leadership teams via world-class learning, true peer collaborative experiences and asynchronous just-in-time connections.

“Aminata and her story of turning adversity into strength and exponential impact has captured our hearts at Abundium. We feel privileged to be a partner of the Aminata Maternal Foundation on their mission that ‘Motherhood should mark a beginning, not an END’. Aminata role models our mission of abundance for all and leading with love and joy versus fear and scarcity. She embodies our community principles of #getreal, #giveforward and #golarge. Aminata’s leadership has helped many of our multinational clients rethink their approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She challenges those around her to be bolder, more inquisitive, and responsible. On a personal note, both of our lives and our families have been deeply enriched through meeting Aminata who lights others up as she continues to evolve, rise and bring joy to those around her.”  Rich Hirst and Dani Matthews (Co-Founders, Abundium)

Aminata Conteh-Biger with Co-Founder Dani Matthews at Abundiums’ Women in Multinationals Summit in November 2023

The foundation’s relationship with Abundium started years ago, even before Abundium was established, showcasing a genuine and longstanding friendship. Aminata Maternal Foundation has continued to benefit from Abundium’s deep values of giving back tenfold and giving forward with empathy. These are important values that Aminata holds dearly too, and it shows every day on her journey to END the pointless death of mothers and their unborn babies. 

Aminata Conteh-Biger at Abundiums’ Women in Multinationals Summit in November 2023

Thank you to Abundium for your continued dedication and love. You have made room for Aminata but most importantly you see the worth of what we do at the Aminata Maternal Foundation.