A Journey of Hope: Experiencing Aminata Maternal Foundation’s Impact in Sierra Leone

Our two-week trip to Sierra Leone allowed us to witness firsthand the impact of our work and explore future possibilities aligned with our mission at the Aminata Maternal Foundation.

Recently, we embarked on a significant journey to Sierra Leone, where we experienced firsthand the profound impact of our efforts in Australia to reduce infant and maternal mortality in the country.

Sierra Leone, meaning “Lion Mountains,” derived its name from the 15th-century Portuguese explorer Pedro de Sintra, who was the first European to sight and map Freetown harbour. The original name, Serra Lyoa (“Lion Mountains”), aptly describes the majestic hills encircling the harbour. The scenery here is absolutely stunning!

At the Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Freetown. we delved into the lives of the Dream Girls—courageous young women aged 10 to 18. The tangible progress we observed was made possible through the generous contributions of supporters like you.

Although we have visited Sierra Leone numerous times, this visit was particularly impactful. We were joined by representatives from the Pierre Fabre Foundation and spent two weeks immersed in meetings with government officials and collaborating with various NGOs on the ground, such as UNFPA, Mercy Ships, Rainbo Initiative, Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Project Hope, Marie Stopes, and the Mansaray Foundation. These discussions provided us with deeper insights into ongoing efforts and the potential for future initiatives.

The team boarding the Mercy Ship.

We also visited Kalangba and Binkolo Community Health Centres in rural Sierra Leone. With the assistance and generosity of Dr. Sabrina and Dr. Geoff, we provided medical supplies and conducted training for medical staff. These experiences helped the Aminata Maternal Foundation refine its focus on addressing needs in rural areas.

Dr. Sabrina and Dr. Geoff conducting training to medical staff at Kalangba Community Health Centre

To cap off our trip, we explored some of Sierra Leone’s most beautiful tourist spots, such as Beach No. 2 and the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. The country has so much to offer, so our desire is for more people in particular Australians to take the opportunity to discover its timeless beauty, warmth, openness, and resilience of the Sierra Leonean people. We’re happy to share that  Sierra Leone was named by Time Magazine as one of the world’s greatest places of 2023.

Sunset at Beach No. 2