The Aminata Maternal Foundation is an Australian Non-Profit Organisation that empowers women, in Sierra Leone focusing on maternal health and the creation of sustainable communities. The organisation was founded to improve the health and well-being of women and children, boost health resources, and contribute to the decrease of unacceptable infant and maternal mortality rates.

AMF came about following the birth of Aminata Conteh-Biger’s two beautiful children. Experiencing high-quality health care in Australia during her own pregnancy, Aminata felt compelled to seek improvements for women in her country of birth. In Sierra Leone, Aminata witnessed women bleeding to death during childbirth in front of a doctor, because they didn’t have enough money to pay.

Although a diverse range of interventions, including the Sierra Leone Government’s recent contributions to significant improvements in the healthcare system as a whole, challenges remain in maternal, reproductive and child health. As a consequence mothers and children continue to suffer.

We would like to improve this situation with your help.

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Watch SBS Dateline's Documentary about the story of our Founder & CEO's time being captured by rebel soldiers in Sierra Leone during the civil war, which has become the world's most dangerous place to give birth