Our Partners

Aberdeen Women's Centre & Freedom from Fistula Foundation

Aminata Maternal Foundation works in partnership with the Freedom from Fistula Foundation which runs the Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) in Freetown.

Aberdeen Women’s Centre takes a holistic approach to the care of women and children, providing the highest standards of maternal healthcare for the women of Sierra Leone. AWC provides the only comprehensive fistula repair service in the country with the capacity to treat up to 600 fistula patients every year. Additionally, the Aminata Maternal Foundation supports the AWC training programme for local midwives which will contribute to the development of long-term, sustainable maternity care in the country.

The Mansaray

Aminata Maternal Foundation partnered with The Mansaray Foundation to enhance maternal healthcare in Sierra Leone by equipping clinics with outreach ultrasound machines.

The Mansaray Foundation focuses on developing a simple, scalable, and sustainable health-systemic approach to prevent maternal mortality, promote maternal health, and prolong the quality of life of rural women in Sierra Leone.

The organisation seeks to develop a sustainable healthcare change for the region by improving access to care in rural areas, equipping rural clinics with medical supplies and enhancing care quality by supporting and educating local clinical staff.