Blair Wark


Blair is a financial services leader with more than 25 years of international experience in senior roles across London, New York, and the Asia-Pacific region. His main focus areas are strategy, building partnerships, and managing large, high-performing teams.

Currently, Blair has three roles at Royal Bank of Canada: Chief Country Officer (CCO) for Australia, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for RBC in Asia-Pacific, and Chief Operating Officer (COO), for Capital Markets in Asia-Pacific.

Blair returned to Australia after 14 years of living and working in London and New York. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant having held roles with Price Waterhouse, Halifax plc, Banco Santander, and Lloyds International. He studied at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Blair has served as Chair and active member of the RBC Australian Diversity Council since 2016 and has mentored young women leaders across the industry through WiBF for the last 3 years.