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Start fundraising now and join us on Saturday, 11th November to walk 12km from the Sydney Opera House to Watsons Bay. Let’s all walk together connecting as one.

The AMF Walking Challenge 2023 isn’t just another charity event. It’s a movement of human connection, a tribute to the power of solidarity, and a celebration of our shared humanity.

So lace up your walking shoes, bring your friends, family, and colleagues, and embark on this impactful journey! Register alone, with your family or as part of a team, with the aim of raising money, having fun, enjoying the scenery and making new friends.

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Share Zainab's Story

Zainab was in labour for 3 daysShe needed to walk 109km just to get medical care. It took 3 days for her village to raise money for transportation just to get her to the hospital, resulting in the delivery of her dead baby and the development of a fistula.


Complete a 12km journey on 11th of November. Bring along your friends and loved ones to join the walk, too! Post your walk on your socials and tag us with #AMFWalkingChallenge2023 #MakebirthsafeNOWandfortheFUTURE #AminataMaternalFoundation

Our goal this year is to raise $65,000 for the salary and training of 17

midwives for one year.

Making birth safe NOW and for the FUTURE deeply relies on skilled midwives. Midwives are the foundation of safe childbirth. Without safe childbirth, the future is uncertain. 

Why Midwives?

Sierra Leone has a critical shortage of midwives due to over 11 years of Civil War, Ebola, and now Covid-19. The country has already lost 15% of their medical workforce and now they need about 3,700 midwives. Currently, they only have less than 500.

This year, we're walking for Zainab.

Zainab was brought to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre for fistula repair surgery by Aberdeen Women’s Centre outreach nurses, from her remote village in Moyamba District. She had been suffering with fistula for a couple of years.

She explained that when she went into labour, her family was unable to take her to hospital and couldn’t afford an ambulance. It took her village three days to raise the money for the ambulance, but it had no petrol. They had to find someone with a motorbike to go the nearest petrol station, take petrol to the village with the ambulance before it could collect Zainab. By then the long obstructed labour meant her baby had died and a fistula had formed. Zainab was malnourished, dehydrated and suffered from infected wounds. Tears flowed softly over her face as she told us that even her own children would not touch the food she struggled to prepare.

After years of struggle, Zainab has had successful fistula surgery at Aberdeen Women’s Centre. She returned home with her dignity restored and was welcomed with a feast, dancing, singing and opened arms by her village.


This powerful story reaffirms the purpose behind our cause, and it is the very reason why we walk – so that women like Zainab will no longer have to endure the same fate. We strive to make a difference in their lives, ensuring that they receive the care and support they deserve. Together, we can continue to bring hope and transformation to more women, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.


Watch Zainab’s full documentary below. 

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