Walk. Raise Funds. Make Birth Safe.

Walk 6.4kms a day for 2 weeks and help make birth safe in Sierra Leone


Meet Jakia

We met Jakia in the alleyways of Kroo Bay, widely regarded as the most disadvantaged postcode in the world. She was 5 months pregnant with her third child. Her first child was washed away in a flood. Her second baby died at birth, as the nurse tried to push her baby out by pressing vigorously. Jakia hadn’t been able to get to a safe hospital . She was in labour and couldn’t walk the 6.4 kilometers to get there.

A midwife arranged for Jakia to deliver her third baby in the safest maternity hospital in Sierra Leone - our very own partner the Aberdeen Women’s Centre! 4 months later Jakia had a healthy baby girl.

This is why we walk!

So that women like Jakia won't have to. The money you raise will pay for staff and supplies at the Aberdeen Women's Centre so that mums like Jakia give birth safely and their children get the best start in life.

Every step you take brings us one step closer to safe births in Sierra Leone

What's the challenge?

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Your Impact

Funds raised from the AMF Walking Challenge will make birth safe for women, teenagers, their babies and the medical staff caring for them during COVID-19.

During the Ebola crisis, Sierra Leone saw a 66% increase in teenage pregnancies due to school lockdowns and social disruption. Now we are preparing for a COVID-19 baby boom about Christmas time this year.

Help us reach our target of $30,000 as we prepare for a COVID-19 baby boom

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Check out last year's AMF Mother's Day Walk

Our initial goal was to raise enough money to cover the cost of 10 cesarean operations at Aberdeen Women’s Centre, in Freetown, Sierra Leone - $5000 AUD. Thanks to the commitment and hard work of Paris Fittler, Lillie Carolan, Rosie Kemp, Steph Dowsett, and families, we were able to raise $13,053 AUD. Almost three times as much as we’d hoped!

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