Aminata speaks to Joy Lawn about her new book “Rising Heart”

"[T]he one thing I carry with me all the time is kindness. I believe when you “have”, you have a responsibility. It doesn’t matter what it is you have, even if it’s only time, it is important to share it with others who need it. So this idea of “serving”, or being a server, ... it is the core of what I do now with the [Aminata Maternal] Foundation." - Aminata Conteh Biger

Our CEO & Founder Aminata Conteh-Biger spoke to Joy Lawn of the literary blog, PaperbarkWords, about her new memoir, Rising Heart.

In this conversation, Aminata shares how her father and his values have impacted her life, including how she uses his values to guide her through life’s challenges. Aminata also outlines her hopes for the Aminata Maternal Foundation and explains the meaning behind the title ‘Rising Heart’.

You can find Joy and Aminata’s conversation on PaperbarkWords. 

Rising Heart will be released in September 2020. The book is available for pre-order here. Aminata has pledged to donate a portion of the royalties of Rising Heart to the Aminata Maternal Foundation.

Aminata speaks to Joy Lawn about her new book “Rising Heart”

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