Building our community through Corporate Partnerships

These are exciting times at the AMF… and as we continue to add to the number of corporate partners we work with, we will profile these companies in each issue of Dose of Hope. Today we meet EG. A great company with an amazing philosophy – Build in Good (B.I.G)


EG, founded in 2000, is a disciplined, data-driven investment manager and developer with over AU$5.1 billion in assets under management and a $3.9 billion development pipeline.

CEOs Adam Geha and Michael Easson

                                                       CEOs Adam Geha and Michael Easson

As a real estate investor, they understand they have a responsibility to enhance the built and natural environments around us by:

  1. Deploying leading property technology solutions and alternative data
  2. Committing to a Build In Good (B.I.G.) approach to development and asset management, with a focus on people and communities; and

     3. Cultivating a high-growth, high-performance culture.

We’re delighted to EG’s support for several years and this year, they became a Platinum sponsor of our Gala event “Bluff and Swagger” and contributed enormously to the success of the event.

EG’s contribution to the Aminata Maternal Foundation is not just financial EG’s talented design team, situated in Manila, is also assisting us with graphic design and artwork to develop marketing collateral for the team. The support is an amazing service available to the Aminata Maternal Foundation, as it would be very difficult for us to afford quality assets at this level of quality.

EG is also funding Aminata’s amazing Executive Assistant, Eugenel Taracatac, who works full-time for us from the EG offices in Manila.

Fulfilling work

“Working with the Aminata Maternal Foundation has been an incredible journey, one filled with purpose and the opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of mothers and children in Sierra Leone. It’s a privilege to be part of an organization that’s so deeply committed to its mission of improving maternal health and ensuring that motherhood marks a beginning, not an end.

Eugenel Taracatac, Aminata’s EA who’s funded and by and works from EG’s Manilla office.


We’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to EG for their generous initiative in providing the foundation with an Executive Assistant, and for their unwavering support. Their support not only reflects their dedication to our cause but also underscores the importance of a collaborative community coming together to effect change. This partnership has allowed us to work more efficiently, ensuring that our resources are maximised for the benefit of those we serve.