Christmas giving

Christmas is the time of year for giving. This year you can make a simple gesture that would be part of an extraordinary change with AMF and donate monthly.


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The Dream Girls

The Dream Team project, launched in 2016, supports pregnant girls aged 11-18, with pre and post-natal education, a safe birth, access to surgical intervention if necessary, a feeding program (70% will be chronically malnourished) and continued access to education. Many of these girls face social and economic problems, and the Aberdeen Women’s Centre provides support to reintegrate them to their communities post-birth.

On top of access to first-rate health care, these young women participate in a range of activities focused on social awareness, literacy and numeracy and health education, all taught by our on-site teaching staff.

A number will also engage in a range of skills training including handicrafts, needlework, soap making, doormat design and production and cloth weaving.

We take a holistic approach to the well-being of our Dream Team, transforming their health through access to safe birthing while enabling continued education. We empower these young women economically and emotionally, rebuilding their self-esteem and confidence at a time of high vulnerability.

The achievements we have made to improve the lives of the teenage mothers in Sierra Leone is a direct result of the commitment of our dedicated donors, for which we are sincerely grateful. Read more about the dream girls or help us continue support more girls


Abie's Story

Abie was only 16 years old when she got pregnant for the first time. It was both a scary and tough time for her, and because of the pregnancy, she got pulled out of school. Being out of school was heartbreaking for young Abie who is eager to learn and dreams about becoming a teacher.

Abie was in labour for 4 days, before her parents decided to take her to the hospital. By the time she got there, it was already too late and Abie had to give birth to baby that has already passed away. 

Because of the long labour she now suffered from a fistula injury. Obstetric Fistula is a hole developed over many days of obstructed labour when the pressure of the baby’s head against the mother’s pelvis cuts off blood supply to delicate tissues in the region.

She is no longer embarrassed by her appearance and has gained a lot of confidence. She’s excited to go back to her family and to join the school as a stronger self, filled with confidence. Your donation enabled us to change Abie's life. Help girls like Abie today.


How can you be part of this extraordinary change?

Your monthly donation will contribute to long-term, empowering solutions for the mothers and babies of Sierra Leone.

All donations over $2 made the The Aminata Maternal Foundation are tax deductible. All proceeds support the well-being of women and children, boost health resources, and contribute to the decrease of unacceptable infant and maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone