Australians on a Mission: Making an Impact in Sierra Leone

We're thrilled to share that this April, our team will be travelling to Sierra Leone to visit our partners in the field.

On April 8th, the team will arrive in Freetown to visit our esteemed partner, the Aberdeen Women’s Centre, and engage with its dedicated healthcare workers. They will later travel to rural Makeni, where they will meet with our newest partner, The Mansaray Foundation, to visit the clinics where recently donated ultrasound machines were allocated.

Meet the team

Meet these incredible Australians, volunteering their skills and time as they join Aminata on her impactful journey to Sierra Leone this April.

Has worked in the investment & superannuation industry for over 30 years, travelling for the first time to engage with the people and its culture

Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist

As a global women‘s health advocate, she will be meeting with doctors and other health professionals, as well as visiting clinics and hospitals

Obstetrician/ Gynaecologist

A leading professional in his field, he will be joining his wife Dr. Sabrina to engage with Aminata Maternal Foundation on the ground.

Humanitarian Photographer

A great visual story-teller who will use his specialisation in stills and motion through his lens as captures the beauty of child births.

Brand Strategist & Community Consultant

A passionate communicator and brand strategist, she will be documenting powerful stories  in the communities and connecting it to Australia 

International NGO

The trip will also be joined by our partner delegates from Pierre Fabre Foundation, headed by their Director General Beatrice Garrette.

 Their efforts will serve as a powerful reminder of the boundless potential for change when we join forces in pursuit of a shared vision: a world where every mother and child can thrive, irrespective of circumstance.

Stay tuned for more updates.