First Breath

Help babies in Sierra Leone take their First Breath.

Introducing First Breath

No one who’s been present at the birth of a child will be able to forget their First Breath.

A Series of Firsts

It’s often followed by a cry, the need for milk and in time it’ll be followed by a whole series of firsts – the first KISS, first DREAM, first SMILE, first WORDS, first STEPS, etc.

First CRY...

First TOUCH...

First KISS...

Today, Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places in the world to be pregnant and to give birth. The lack of antenatal services and diagnostic facilities means many women are woefully unprepared for and are not given the opportunity to have a safe birth.

Our work focuses on supporting safe pregnancies and delivery.

Funding Midwife Training

Enhance the training and development of midwives, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver exceptional care.

Supplying Ultrasound Machines in CHCs

This initiative will ensure that expectant mothers receive the essential prenatal screenings, allowing for early detection of potential complications and timely medical intervention.

Raise Awareness

We firmly believe that every child, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the right to a healthy start in life, beginning with that first breath.

How many first breaths would you want to be part of?

$270 could provide a safe normal vaginal delivery with pre and post-natal care and ensure that many breaths follow the first one

Help us give more than 3,000 babies and their mothers the chance to take that crucial first breath each year.

Your donation can save lives.

Let us support safe childbirths and make their first breaths a reality.