First joint project: ultrasound machines reach rural Sierra Leone

Earlier this year, we were proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership between the Aminata Maternal Foundation and The Mansaray Foundation, uniting efforts to make a lasting impact on maternal healthcare in Sierra Leone.

Together, we have now purchased and delivered two portable ultrasound machines valued at $20,000 each. While the machines are destined for Binkolo and Kalangba Community Health Centres in Safroko Limba and N’gowahun chiefdoms in the heart of the rural Bombali District, they were first unveiled at an event in Stocco Makeni on November 9.

At the event, Saibatu Mansaray, Founder and CEO of the Mansaray Foundation, emphasised, “These machines are not available in the rural parts of the district. The goal is to provide at least one scan before six months to pregnant women in these chiefdoms, preventing complications during delivery.”

Saibatu Mansaray, CEO, The Mansaray Foundation

Augustine Komrabai Kanu, the Speaker of N’gowahun Chiefdom, pledged to ensure the ultrasound machine’s durability at the Kalangba Health Centre, stating, “This is a special blessing for us because it is for the benefit of our wives and our children. We promise to take good care of the ultrasound machine.”