Fundraise for mothers and babies in Sierra Leone. Help us achieve our vision of " No mother or baby should die during childbirth in Sierra Leone due to poverty".

The Aminata Maternal Foundation invites your business to stand with us as we work towards ending Maternal and child deaths in Sierra Leone, due to poverty. Corporate partnerships can be very effective when creating fundraising events, which can directly impact the lives of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone.

Organizing your own event is a great way to double your impact by raising both funds and awareness for the work of the Aminata Maternal Foundation! You can hold your event in your own community, school, workplace, your home, or online. Get started today.

You can fundraise for Aminata Maternal Foundation by doing your own personal challenge! You could do a physical challenge like climbing a mountain or running a race, or you could do a “go without” challenge like giving up your favorite coffee, meal or chocolate for a month or design your own challenge – no idea is too crazy. Get started today!

Make your birthday meaningful by donating to a cause you love – the impact would be life-changing! Each day around the world, 18 million people celebrate their birthday. Imagine if they each donated to Aminata Maternal Foundation – lots of lives will be saved! For your next birthday will you donate to save mothers and babies in Sierra Leone? Donate your birthday today and get the party started!

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