Fundraising FAQs

Aminata Maternal Foundation appreciates all efforts of individuals, companies and other groups raising funds to support our vision of preventing maternal and infant deaths in childbirth due to poverty in Sierra Leone. Each year, hundreds of Australians support our work through fundraising on our behalf – thank you for your support.

Frequently asked questions to help you get your fundraising started


1. Should I contact Aminata Maternal Foundation before organizing my fundraising activity?

Yes, we do ask that if you intend to fundraise in support of Aminata Maternal Foundation, that you contact our office on +61 410 112 922 or email Aminata Maternal Foundation is required to provide you with an Authority to Fundraise certificate before your fundraising can commence.


2. Do I need an Authority to Fundraise to conduct any fundraising activity?

Yes, it is a requirement that all individuals, groups, and companies who are fundraising on behalf of Aminata Maternal Foundation be issued an Authority to Fundraise Certificate and Number. It is important to reference your Authority to Fundraise Number when remitting your funds to Aminata Maternal Foundation.

If you have any questions regarding the Authority to Fundraise Certificate, please call our office on +61 410 112 922 or email .


3. What are the legal requirements for fundraising?

It is likely that your fundraising activity will be approved by our team, this does not however classify it as an Aminata Maternal Foundation fundraising activity, rather an activity in support of Aminata Maternal Foundation.

You will need to consider key matters related to your activity such as insurance, venue hire, and how you will collect donations safely. We will not be able to provide direct assistance with these matters and our insurance policies will not cover your fundraising activity.


4. Can I use resources from Aminata Maternal Foundation?

Legal requirements for fundraising vary from state to state. We recommend that before you start planning your fundraising activity, that you take time to read the information provided by the relevant state government’s website.

Key considerations include:

  1. If your fundraising activity is connected with more than one state or territory, the legal requirements of each of these must be taken into account. For example, if you fundraise over the internet, then the laws of all Australian states and territories may be applicable.
  2. Some states and territories have restrictions regarding children being involved in collecting funds.
  3. Some councils and shires have local government requirements, especially in regards to door-to-door or street collections.
  4. There are restrictions on the tax-deductibility of donations associated with the supply of goods or services, including charity auctions and ticketed events.
  5. If you intend to use a raffle as part of your fundraising, each state has very specific requirements. We recommend that you consult the appropriate information for the state where the raffle will be conducted.


5. Can donors receive a tax-deductible receipt?

You cannot use Aminata Maternal Foundation’s logo on any of your materials or advertisements without receiving approval from our office. If you wish to seek approval for logo use, please contact our office on +61 410 112 922 or email


6. How should I collect donations?

We have lots of resources available to help you in your fundraising efforts. These are available at our website here. All of these resources are free to use. If you wish to enquire about hard copies of online resources, please call our office on +61 410 112 922 or email

If you use any images from Aminata Maternal Foundation’s website, please make sure you credit and source them appropriately. Where you use images sourced from other locations, you must only use photos and graphics as legally permitted and you should name the source of your images. You must also include a statement that these images are not endorsed by Aminata Maternal Foundation. Such a statement can be as follows: “This picture is sourced from [insert source], on [insert date] and is not endorsed by Aminata Maternal Foundation”


7. Can I use the Aminata Maternal Foundation’s logo?

For all communications associated with your fundraising activity, please clearly specify:

  1. The purpose of the fundraising activity for example “all proceeds will be donated to Aminata Maternal Foundation” or “funds raised will support Aminata Maternal Foundation’s programs”.
  2. The amount of funds that will be donated towards Aminata Maternal Foundation for example “all proceeds will be donated to Aminata Maternal Foundation” or “50% of the ticket price will be donated to Aminata Maternal Foundation

Please clearly identify that Aminata Maternal Foundation is not involved in the organisation of your fundraising activity.


8. What information should I include when advertising my fundraising activity?

If a donor wishes to receive a tax-deductible receipt, we recommend that you advise them to make their donation directly to us via our website or by calling +61 410 112 922 or email


9. How and when should I provide the funds raised to Aminata Maternal Foundation?

Before beginning your fundraising activity, please carefully consider the risks that are associated with collecting cash. The most secure method of collecting donations is through directing participants to donate directly via our website during your fundraising activity. Other options include creating a supporter page through a third-party website or having guests write a cheque to Aminata Maternal Foundation.


10. Will my fundraising activity be approved?

Your funds should be remitted to Aminata Maternal Foundation as soon as practicable. In Western Australia, this must be no more than 14 days after the date that you receive the funds. You can remit your funds:

  1. Online now
  2. By cheque made payable to Aminata Maternal Foundation.
  3. By bank deposit. Please consult our reconciliation form for account information.

Please use your Authority to Fundraise Number as a reference when depositing funds. Please ensure that no matter how you remit your funds, that you submit a reconciliation form so that we can contact you if we need to clarify any information.