The Aminata Maternal Foundation Skype Project


The school will choose a small group of students to have a 30 minute conversation live with a group of girls in Sierra Leone, West Africa, having prepared with resources and background information provided by AMF.

During the chat, students will exchange ideas and experiences with the “Dream Girls”, sharing and discussing differences of culture, lifestyle, and everyday life, while learning about what is important to students in both countries.

The opportunities for students:

  •  About the history of Sierra Leone
  • Why teenage pregnancy and infant mortality is so high in Sierra Leon
  • Why education is not a priority in Sierra Leone
  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Problem-solving through education
  • The value of education in their own lives
  • Create connections and built memories that you will never forget

What is it about?

Following the Skype session, students will do follow up research and present a proposal for taking action to address the issues they learnt about.

Three months later, we will arrange a second session with the Aminata Maternal Foundation, where the groups will have the opportunity to share what they have learned with other students from their school and how the connection has impacted them.

Join now and be part of this innovative project that will allow you to put human faces to reality!

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