You can help improve the lives of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone

Make your contribution to the Aminata Maternal Foundation today by MAKING A DONATION or STARTING A FUNDRAISER! Independent fundraising is a very important core of what we do. Your contribution can help prevent infant mortality in Sierra Leone. Create your own event and join us on this extraordinary life changing experience.

Start a Fundraiser!

Donate on your birthday

Ask your loved ones to support the Foundation in lieu of gifts for your birthday this year!

Host an Event

Plan an event within your community (school, church, sports team, university) to raise awareness and gain support. Simply complete the Authority to Fundraise here and you’re ready to go!

Community Events

Get together with a bunch of like minded friends and participate in a walk, run, picnic, morning tea, etc and fundraise!

Get Creative

There are many ways that you can contribute to raising money for this cause – be as creative as you like!

No matter how you choose to show your support, you will be creating positive change in the world.



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