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Connecting with communities and people is important to our foundation. We want you to be part of creating an extraordinary life-changing experience. No matter how you choose to show your support you will be creating a positive change in the world.

What we're up to now

Please join us in the comfort of your own home from 7.30am this Friday April 10 for our inaugural Aminata Maternal Foundation “Hakuna Matata Yoga” - kindly sponsored by the wonderfully generous and talented, Meg Thomson, of The Yoga Deck, Castlecrag.

100% of proceeds raised will go directly to The Aminata Maternal Foundation providing much-needed support to mothers and their babies in Sierra Leone during this difficult time. Your participation and support are greatly appreciated.

Time : 7:30am - 8.30am 
Date : 15 May, 22 May, 29 May, 5 Jun
Hosts: our very own Aminata Conteh-Biger & yoga instructor, Meg Thomson of The Yoga Deck via Zoom
Price : $20 one class (per household) or $40 for a double class pack.



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