What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is when employees make small, regular donations from their pre-tax pay. It’s simple, low cost, and extremely effective.

Workplace giving is an easy way to support Aminata Maternal Foundation. Together we can help reduce maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone during childbirth due to poverty.

As a workplace-giving donor, you can make regular, pre-tax donations that come directly out of your pay. You can choose a donation amount that’s right for you: big or small, your donation will have a positive impact.

Your tax-deductible gift to Aminata Maternal Foundation (ABN 96603111584) will come straight out of your pay, therefore, you don’t need to be worried about collecting receipts throughout the year. So, at the end of the financial year, your employer will include your total donation in your annual payment summary. Be aware that any donations over A$2 are Tax-Deductible.

Why support Aminata Maternal Foundation?

We are a not-for-profit and volunteer-based organisation created in 2014, and since then we had been committed to making real our tagline “Motherhood should mark a beginning, not an end”. Some of the shocking facts about maternal health in Sierra Leone, despite the population of 7.8 million, support our work there:

  • 1 in 17 women dies in childbirth in Sierra Leone - one of the most dangerous places to give birth.
  • With a demand of 3,500 midwives, there are currently <800 in Sierra Leone.
  • Working directly via partnerships with local organisations such as Aberdeen Women’s Centre, we can continue to make great change together and further reduce suffering.

Why become a workplace giving donor?

Your generous donation will contribute directly to Aminata Maternal Foundation’s mission, which is the provision of safe delivery of babies for approximately 3,000 women per year including pre-and post-natal care and education.

To make true this goal:

  • We work with our remarkable partners: The Freedom from Fistula Foundation and Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone that tackles maternal mortality.
  • Strengthening the infrastructure of the maternal healthcare system in Sierra Leone through a Midwifery Training Program.
  • Raising awareness of the challenges of access to maternal health in Sierra Leone
  • Working with the youngest mothers we ensure the safe delivery of babies, pre-and post-natal care, counseling services and a pathway back to education or a job

What will your monthly donation do?

  • $30 can provide 5 children with health check-ups.
  • $50 can prevent birthing injuries for a teenage girl.
  • $100 can ensure a safe birth for a mother and a baby.
  • $340 covers the monthly salary of two midwives.
  • $600 provision of maternity care for 3 women.

Help us achieve our goal of ending preventable maternal and infant deaths in Sierra Leone.

Help us spread the word – we will be happy to share further information on the life-changing programs you are supporting. For further information, please give us a call on +61 491 129 299 or email us at