Become a friend of the Aminata Maternal Foundation. You can support our projects and help us connect to your communities.



The Aminata Maternal Foundation Skype Project

The purpose of Aminata Maternal Foundation Skype Project is putting human faces to reality.

This educational programme is a wonderful occasion for High school students in Australia to be able to interact live with our “Dream Girls” at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Sierra Leone.

The Skype Project will build a golden opportunity for the students and the girls to connect and share experiences learning from each other, whether through their countries, family, school, home, friends, lifestyle and ethnicity. Find out more.


There are many ways your school can help our foundation continue our work and raise awareness for maternal health in Sierra Leone. We encourage students to engage with the real world and get out into their communities.

You can help us by organising a fundraising event as a friend of the Aminata Maternal Foundation. This could be a morning tea, a picnic, hosting or participating in a fun run. We would love to see the creative ways your school can help us raise funds and awareness.

AMF has free event packs that will help you host any kind of event!

Become a friend of our foundation

We are looking for inspired and committed school groups and students who are interested in partnering with our foundation. Students can volunteer to become young ambassadors for the Aminata Maternal Foundation by organising school events or campaigns to help raise funds or awareness for the mothers and babies at our clinic in Sierra Leone.

Students can benefit from this experience by gaining learning about fundraising, event organising, global health and development. But, most importantly, connecting with their local and school communities for an important cause.


Help us raise awareness

Our foundation wants to work with young people to help us raise awareness for our cause and the projects we run on the ground in Sierra Leone. We need your creativity and passion to help us get the word out to your communities.

You can support us by hosting a fundraising event at your university or an awareness campaign to get young people passionate about improving maternal health in Sierra Leone.

Run for a good cause

Love getting out there and making a difference? Get a group together to raise funds for the Aminata Maternal Foundation and run for our cause.


Regular Giving

Regular giving will give children and mother access to braces stay health care and continue to help our foundation improve maternal health in Sierra Leone.

A monthly donation of only $10 a month can make an important change. $30 a month covers the cost for five children to visit our clinic and $50 a month will help provide a safe birth.


You can help us by organising a fundraising event as a friend of the Aminata Maternal Foundation. We would love to see the creative ways you can help us raise funds and awareness. Our foundation can give you the tools to host your own event. 


Partner with us

Help us to encourage people of your community to engage in our foundation. We want to reach like-minded communities who are interested in women’s and children’s rights and maternal health. Help us spread the word through posters in your centre, feature us in your newsletters, website or events and support us by sharing AMFs activities in your channels.

Baby Jumper Knitting Project

We are always grateful for our supporters and are constantly amazed by the passion of the people around us. So, we're hoping to create new ways for more of our supporters to get involved.

Some of our generous volunteers have given their time to make hundreds of baby jumpers for babies in Sierra Leone. Have a go at knitting the baby jumper pattern.


Become a monthly donor

Becoming a monthly donor is one of the best ways to ensure the Aminata Maternal Foundation can continue our projects in Sierra Leone. This support would mean that mothers and babies that visit our clinic will receive the best medical treatment and holistic care.

Learn more.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving connects employers, employees and charities. Individuals can choose to contribute a portion of their pre-tax salary to charity. They will be able to receive the tax benefits straight away. Workplace giving provides the opportunity to foster teamwork and enhance motivation whilst contributing to a positive change.

Find out more. 

Documentary Screenings

Raising awareness is a key part of our cause. You can support us by offering a screening of the SBS documentary ‘Daughter of Sierra Leone’ that tells the story of our founder and CEO, Aminata Conteh-Biger’s capture during the civil war. Sharing this experience with your colleagues will help our foundation raise awareness about how important our cause is and the origins of our foundation.

Contact us to help you organise a screening.

Pro-bono work  & Volunteering

We’re always on the lookout for people with special skills to provide professional services in different areas. If you’re interested in finding out more and joining our volunteer team please contact us.