HSBC’s ongoing commitment to Aminata Maternal Foundation’s mission

In the world of global banking and financial services, HSBC stands tall as one of the world's largest and most influential organisations. Renowned for its extensive global presence and unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility, HSBC has emerged as a crucial partner in the Aminata Maternal Foundation’s journey.

Antony Shaw, CEO of HSBC in Australia, has been a driving force behind the success of this partnership. His leadership and dedication have been instrumental in achieving the foundation’s goals, fostering a collaborative spirit that transcends borders.

Aminata and I first met through industry connections; instantly I was struck by her personal story, which is one most Australians are not often exposed to. For our business, partnering with the Aminata Maternal Foundation was a straightforward decision, and our experience has been profound. In sharing her story – as well as her positivity and resilience – with our team, Aminata has inspired greater awareness of the plight of women and children in Sierra Leone while making a tangible impact on the engagement of our staff. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with her. “ – Antony Shaw (CEO, HSBC Australia)

We were delighted that HSBC became the Silver Sponsor at our 2023 Bluff & Swagger Gala Ball. In doing so, HSBC played a major role in the event’s success,  enabling us to raise $185,000 to fund the training and salaries of 50 midwives.

HSBC Team at the Bluff & Swagger Gala Ball 2023

As we look forward into 2024, Aminata Maternal Foundation expresses profound gratitude to HSBC for their ongoing support and shared commitment to creating positive change. Together, we stand united in the pursuit of safer and healthier maternal experiences for women in Sierra Leone.