Why we need to support midwives in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has a critical shortage of midwives. Populated by more than 7.8 million people, the country only has 1000 midwives - one-third of the number it actually needs. This shortage is the most significant cause of high maternal mortality. 

In 2019 we began a project with hands-on training, ensuring new graduates a month-long practical placement at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre under the guidance of experienced midwives. To build capacity, our program includes training midwives to also become midwife educators.

We need you to help us support these women, leading the Aberdeen Women’s Centre.


The Aminata Maternal Foundation wants to support MORE women in leadership in line with International Women's Day.

We need your help to spread awareness of our foundation’s work with your communities, with to goal to empower women and fundraise $25,000 to contribute towards the salary of 10 midwives.

Our foundation contributes to the yearly salary of midwives at the centre.

A donation of just $208 can help us pay a midwife for one month or $48 for one week.