Our vision is that every woman in Sierra Leone has as much chance for her and her baby to survive as any woman in a developed country




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Within our mission of supporting pregnant women, the work of the foundation is wide-reaching as it is responsive to the different – and changing – needs in diverse communities. All women need access to assisted deliveries and anti-natal and post-natal care, but the coverage of hospitals, health centres and healthcare workers is not consistent throughout the country. So we work to provide facilities where they are lacking and medical care and equipment where it is lacking and access solutions to women who live far from existing facilities. Many women are unaware that they need these facilities and how to access them, so part of our work is in communicating these important messages and working with communities to disseminate life-saving information to others in appropriate and creative ways.

The recent Ebola epidemic has added an additional dimension to our work and meant that we needed to be responsive to the additional needs that this crisis has given rise to, like providing quarantine facilities.


  • Contribute to the decrease of unacceptable infant and maternal mortality rates
  • Improve the health and well-being of women and children
  • Boost health resources
  • Create sustainable communities
  • Empower women