Our Projects

The mission of the AMF Foundation is to support short-term, mid-term and long-term goals with the aim of improving maternal mortality outcomes for women and girls in Sierra Leone.

Currently, through the Freedom From Fistula Foundation (FFFF), AMF is supporting Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This support allows those women with the greatest need to have fistula surgery to restore both their health and dignity. Additionally, we support the ‘Dream Team’ project, which offers young women and girls, who became pregnant during the Ebola crisis, pre and post-natal support and birthing in the Aberdeen Women’s Centre maternity centre.

The AMF will also work with pregnant women and girls, looking for practical and appropriate ways to improve maternal and infant health outcomes and how to better care for themselves and their children. Over the long-term, AMF hopes to expand its operation into rural areas where maternal healthcare is limited.

Dollar Handles

$25 covers the cost of three antenatal appointments

$50 covers the medical costs for a normal delivery

$100 covers the monthly salary for two midwives

$300 covers the cost of a C-section

$500 covers the cost of fistula operation

The provision of one fistula surgery (average cost per patient $1,225)

The provision of maternity care for three women (average cost per patient $600)

FISTULA – Patient care costs, including food and transport for two women (average cost per patient $370)

MATERNITY – Patient care costs, include food and baby pack (average cost per patient $185)