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While you celebrate Mother’s Day, think of a Mother like Alice.

Alice is 30 years old, single and lives in poverty alone in Freetown.

A few years ago, when Alice was pregnant, she could not afford to go to a hospital and unfortunately her baby died because she was in labour for too long.

In 2020, Alice discovered that she was pregnant again. As soon as the father was aware, he left her. Alice had been sustaining herself by begging. This was her only means of surviving.

While on the streets, someone told her about the Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) and she came to be registered. When the doctors screened Alice, they found out, that she was expecting twins, meaning she would have a more complicated birth.

Thankfully, unlike in the past where Alice gave birth without any support, at the Aberdeen Women's Centre she was able to give birth safely. On 4th May, she successfully gave birth to a healthy boy and girl.

When Alice arrived at AWC she was carrying all of her belongings, a simple plastic bag containing a T-shirt, a plate and a blanket. Imagine this for a moment. In good news, Aberdeen Women’s Centre will support her with Baby clothes, personal hygiene products, diapers and some clothes for herself.

AMF Alice's Bag
AMF Alice's Twins

You can support mums like Alice this mother's day. Your one-off gift of $200 can keep a mother and baby safe and make sure motherhood mark a beginning not and end.


Other ways to give:

Monthly giving is an incredible way to play a part in providing the utmost care for women and babies in Sierra Leone. Giving $30 a month can provide 5 children with a general health check-up at a safe and caring clinic. $50 a month can prevent serious birthing injuries for a teenage mother.

$1,800 can help save the lives of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone by contributing to the salary of a midwife for one year. Our hospital cannot run without these life-saving midwives who deliver babies safely and nurse mothers to good health.

AMF Alice