Smile for Hope, Strength and Courage – this Mother’s Day


The month of May is Maternal Health Month, in May we celebrate Mother’s Day, but we celebrate two other special days attributing to women’s health, International Day of the Midwife and the International Day of the Nurse.

Imagine, if Motherhood marked an end not a beginning? Would you be here? would I be here? No-one would exist, we would simply not be here to sit and smile back at Isatu in the picture above or to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the International days of the Midwife and Nurse.

We really need your support to end preventable Infant and Maternal deaths in Sierra Leone today. Teenage pregnancies have escalated again since COVID-19 and the need for more maternal health programmes has become critical. Without your donation today our work would not be possible.

Please give a gift today to give hope and put a smile on a mother’s face in Sierra Leone.

I guarantee this will make you smile!

Each Gift will receive a gift receipt with the details of the Gift of Humanity for your special Mum.

Don’t forget to support our Global awareness social campaign by sharing your best smile selfie, tag a great mum, and let’s fill our feed with smiles this Mothers Day to raise awareness of the maternal health crisis in Sierra Leone. Use the hash tag #smileformaternalhealth and tell us who you are smiling for this Mother’s Day! For some resources to share with colleagues, friends and family see our smileformaternalhealth page.

Smile for maternal health campaign image

A Simple Donation Goes A Long Way

A $600 donation to Aminata Maternal Foundation goes a long way
$1,225 donation to Aminata Maternal Foundation goes a long way
A $1,500 donation to AMF goes a long way