ONE Breath can lead to millions over a lifetime.

Every child, regardless of circumstances, deserves the right to that first breath. 

ONE Breath

Every life story begins with a breath, a chapter that unfolds with endless possibilities, and a joyous moment that should mark the start of hope and promise for every child.

One Breath is a global campaign to help end maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone.

ONE Breath

Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places on earth to give birth.


1 in 17 women die during childbirth in Sierra Leone while in Australia it is 1 in 8,700.

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Sierra Leone has less than 8 obstetricians for the same population as NSW (7.8 million).

1 in 10 children in Sierra Leone won’t see their 5th birthday.

For Mothers and Babies

Together, we can make a difference—one breath at a time.

Help us give more than 3,000 babies and their mothers the chance to take that crucial first breath each year.

Your Donation Can Change Lives

Let us support safe childbirths and make their first breaths a reality.