Ovaries: Talk About Them

"Since the beginning of time, any issues or concerns that are about women’s bodies, feel like taboos. Women even find it difficult to talk to each other. We as women also have to invest in our courses, especially when it comes to our wellbeing."

Camilla And Marc Collaboration

Author, mother, and former refugee turned CEO Aminata Conteh-Biger, along with her children Serafina and Matisse to the conversation.

Learn about why Aminata is a fierce advocate for women:

“It is important for me to support ovarian cancer simply because it is a woman’s issue. I realise that anything that affects any woman will affect me too. Women’s issues are not talked about and I personally feel like there is more noise than action. Also as a woman of colour we find it difficult to talk about diseases. Where I come from, in Sierra Leone West Africa, there is absolutely no knowledge, research, or cures for any type of cancer. So again, any women issues, I make my issues.


Aminata's two children

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