Fuel Their Dreams: Support Our Dream Girls Today

During our trip to Sierra Leone, we witnessed firsthand the incredible impact of our Dream Girls project at the Aberdeen Women's Centre in Freetown. Over the course of two weeks, I immersed myself in the lives of these courageous young women and saw the tangible progress made possible through the generous support of individuals like you.

The Dream Girls Program, funded by Aminata Maternal Foundation, is a beacon of hope for up to 500 vulnerable and destitute pregnant teenage girls each year. Through this unique program, we provide comprehensive support before, during, and after childbirth, ensuring that these young mothers receive the care and resources they need to welcome their babies into the world with joy and confidence.

Skills learnt at the training centre provide girls with ambition.

But our mission extends beyond childbirth. The AMF also champions the Skills Training Centre, an extension of the Dream Girls initiative. This program equips girls with skills vital for employment or entrepreneurship, such as tailoring, hairdressing, cooking, and housekeeping.

Since its inception in 2016, the Dream Girls project has empowered countless pregnant teenagers to graduate and step into the world with newfound skills, ambitions, and healthy children, paving the way for brighter futures.

Meet Mary

One of those Dream GirIs is Mary, who we met up with again on our visit. She enrolled in our program in 2019 and has successfully completed it. Yet, there are still so many young women like Mary who yearn for a chance at a better life. Before joining Dream Girls, Mary faced homelessness and uncertainty as a soon-to-be teenage mother. But with the support of our program, Mary’s life took a dramatic turn. Today, she not only cares for her daughter but also contributes to her community by working in healthcare, thanks to the skills she acquired through the program.

Mary arrived pregnant, scared and unsure of her future.
Five years later Mary leaves employed and full of hope.

Mary’s story is just one of many that highlight the transformative power of support, guidance, and training at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre. We’re immensely proud of the resilience displayed by our girls as they navigate the challenges of teenage pregnancy, education, and employment. But their journey is far from over, and we need your help to continue providing vital support.

Your generous donation will ensure that up to 500 young teenage mothers receive the care they need for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, up to 60 girls each year will have the opportunity to gain independence through our Skills Training Centre.

Please, join us in making a difference. Your support will not only change lives today but also shape brighter futures for generations to come. Thank you, from the depths of our hearts, for being a beacon of hope for these girls, their children, and their families. Together, we can help babies in Sierra Leone take their first breath safely—and many more after that.