Every step you take brings us one step closer to safe births in Sierra Leone.

125 km | 1-22 November | Walk 5.95 km a day for 3 weeks. Together, we walk so that girls like Zainab don't have to while pregnant


Meet Zainab

When Aminata visited Sierra Leone in 2016 with SBS Dateline, filming her documentary the Daughter of Sierra Leone she met Zainab.

She was barely 15 years old and was 43 weeks pregnant. Because of her situation, she was not able to give birth naturally and needed to walk 125km from her hometown to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre for medical attention. Thanks to the incredible service provided by the centre, our dear Zainab safely delivered her baby boy via caesarean section. Without access to this free operation, it is unlikely that Zainab and her baby would have survived.

To watch Zainab's full story the New York Festival Award-winning documentary "SBS Dateline Daughter of Sierra Leone", click here.

Maternal Health in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places to give birth in the world, with a lifetime risk of maternal death of 1 in 17 while in Australia it's 1 in 8,700.

Sierra Leone has a critical shortage of maternal health professionals with less than 800 midwives and 10 obstetricians in a country of 7.8 million people.

11,000 newborns die each year from preventable birthing complications

We walk so that girls like Zainab won't have to

Come join us this 1st to the 22nd of November by walking 5.95km per day in three weeks for a total of 125km, which is the distance that girls like Zainab would have to walk to get to Aberdeen Women's Centre.

Our 2021 Target

We aim to raise at least $45,000, enough to fund 90 C-sections surgeries that prevent a mother and a baby from dying.

Zainab 1
Zainab 2

89.6 km | 1-14 November | Walk 6.4km a day for 2 weeks and help make birth safe in Sierra Leone

Meet Jakia

We met Jakia in the alleyways of Kroo Bay, widely regarded as the most disadvantaged postcode in the world. She was 5 months pregnant with her third child. Her first child was washed away in a flood. Her second baby died at birth, as the nurse tried to push her baby out by pressing vigorously. Jakia hadn’t been able to get to a safe hospital . She was in labour and couldn’t walk the 6.4 kilometers to get there.

A midwife arranged for Jakia to deliver her third baby in the safest maternity hospital in Sierra Leone - our very own partner the Aberdeen Women’s Centre! 4 months later Jakia had a healthy baby girl.

This is why we walk!

So that women like Jakia won't have to. The money you raise will pay for staff and supplies at the Aberdeen Women's Centre so that mums like Jakia give birth safely and their children get the best start in life.

Every step you take brings us one step closer to safe births in Sierra Leone