Monthly giving is an incredible way to play a part in providing the utmost care for women and babies in Sierra Leone. Giving $30 a month can provide 5 children with a general health check-up at a safe and caring clinic. $50 a month can prevent serious birthing injuries for a teenage mother.

$100 is the cost of making birth safe for a mother and baby in Sierra Leone.
This provides the mother with access to the incredible Aberdeen Women's Centre where she can rely on good healthcare professionals to take care of her and her child, ensuring their safety and care.
$1,800 can help save the lives of mothers and babies in Sierra Leone by contributing to the salary of a midwife for one year. Our hospital cannot run without these life-saving midwives who deliver babies safely and nurse mothers to good health.

Donate on behalf of someone you are grateful for and make a life-changing impact for mothers and their babies in Sierra Leone. Your donation could help a mother and her baby live a healthy and happy life.