DRIVE by FUTURE WOMEN | 2 May 2021

Aminata discusses the horror of being captured by rebel forces in Sierra Leone, owning her story and how she forgave the unforgivable.

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From hostage in sierra leone to human rights advocate

RADIO NZ AUTHOR REVIEW | 5 November 2020

In this radio interview, Aminata Conteh-Biger shared her life in Sierra Leone before, during and after the hostage taking. She also shared how she rebuilt her life in Australia, her career in fashion and as a motivational speaker. She also gave a glimpse of her family life and how the birth of her daughter inspired her to build a foundation that helps Sierra Leonean mothers safely deliver their babies.

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Rising Heart, by Aminata Conteh-Biger, is a searing but optimistic account of a life defined by both trauma and hope

CANBERRA TIMES | 29 August 2020

'Aminata Conteh-Biger has written a remarkable account of her experiences in Sierra Leone and Australia. Along the way, she describes both extreme brutality and the difficulties experienced by refugees, but the overall message of the book is one of hope and strength'.

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Aminata's interview on Drive abc radio

ABC RADIO | 26 August 2020

Aminata details her childhood in Sierra Leone and kidnapping during the civil war in her mission to break taboos, sharing her story of resilience and determination to help women in her home country.

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"I believe this with all my heart"

PRIMER MAGAZINE | 23 August 2020

'Now, the strength that carried Aminata through her kidnapping ordeal – and later saw her start her life afresh in Australia and then launch her own charity, helping women in Sierra Leone – is detailed in her new autobiography, Rising Heart.'

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Surviving unthinkable trauma

THE SUNDAY PROJECT | 23 August 2020

'Aminata Conteh-Biger is the epitome of strength and resilience. She has suffered unimaginable trauma, but somehow she's not only survived but thrived.'

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Women's Weekly Ami


WOMEN'S WEEKLY | 13 August 2020

'As a woman of colour you've got to be strong'. Aminata shared her journey 'into the light' from her unimaginable trauma & speaks about the release of 'Rising Heart'.

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Emmylou Images

"I can’t change what happened to me, but my story has the power to bring positive change to others"

EMMYLOU | 11 June 2020

In this interview, our CEO & Founder @aminata_conteh_biger spoke to @emmylou_loves about her new memoir, Rising Heart and the motivation to start The Aminata Maternal Foundation.

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SBS Voices image

The powerful woman no longer letting shame silence her

SBS VOICES | 4 June 2020

"Her book Rising Heart is a moving account of her captivity, release and rollercoaster of incarnations after coming to Australia as a refugee in 2000: Western Sydney schoolgirl, young model and fashion retail worker, then UNHCR volunteer and ambassador, speaker at Parliament House, actor in the global hit The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe, mother of two, and now author and activist for maternal health in Africa."

"So often, people talk about the problems of Africa but no one talk solutions. Africa is put in the too-hard basket. But we want to show this is how we can make a change." @aminata_conteh_biger

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Aminata northsider

The power of hope

NORTHSIDER | 22 May 2020

Created for locals, by locals, northsider magazine is published quarterly and is an insider's guide that celebrates our vibrant and iconic neighbourhoods on the Lower
North Shore of Sydney.

Nineteen years ago, Aminata Conteh-Biger didn’t understand what Australia was, let alone imagine she’d one day be the CEO of a charity headquartered on Sydney’s harbourside. “I just wanted to come to a country where I felt safe,” she remembers.

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How a Sierra Leone refugee rebuilt her life in Australia

Aminata speaks on 2GB Ben Fordham Live

2GB BEN FORDHAM LIVE | 27 January 2020

Aminata was recently invited to tell her story on Ben Fordham Live. She spoke about her life in Sierra Leone and journey to Australia as a refugee. We're grateful for the chance to spread the word about refugee stories and the work that Aminata's does through the foundation with the Australian community.

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Surviving kidnap in sierra leone


Aminata shared her grueling experience when she was captured by rebel soldiers during Sierra Leone’s civil war and the surprising circumstances that lead to her release.

She also shared what inspired her to help mothers in remote areas in Sierra Leone deliver their own babies safely.

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