After 9 months of care, Isatu was finally healthy enough to be repaired.

Isatu arrived at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre on New Years Eve. The 18 year old was severely malnourished, dehydrated and suffered from infected wounds.

Isatu had a double fistula following a tortuous 5 day labour and the death of her baby. She was unable to walk because the nerves in her legs were badly damaged.

Before going in for surgery she would need to be nursed back to health. The staff tailored a feeding programme, physiotherapy and expert wound care specifically for Isatu, and she slowly began to heal and build strength.

After 9 months of care, Isatu was finally healthy enough to be repaired.

During this healing process Isatu enjoyed the daily arts and crafts activities that are offered at the centre.

Her fistula was severe so she received surgery during a 2 week “fistula camp” where an expert surgeon was flown in to perform over 50 complicated surgeries.
Isatu’s surgery was a huge success and it wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of the staff at the Aberdeen Women’s Centre.


My name is Hawa and I am 25. My schooling finished in year 3 of primary school because of the civil war.

I am a farmer and housewife.

I am married to Sheku Ngebga. I was 14 when we got married. I became pregnant at 15 and was happy. I have been pregnant twice and the second pregnancy gave me obstetric fistula.

I was in labour for two days and then had a caesarean section but our baby boy was very sick.

My husband did his best to bring me to the government hospital to save our lives Our baby was alive for three days and on the fourth day we lost him.

By then I realised I had urine incontinence.

My husband felt so bad because of the constraints, pain, finances and the loss of our son. My family members felt bad for me and since that day they have been having sympathy for me. My husband and my family supported me fully. I have had this problem for six years. The only problem now is that I don’t have a living child.

I heard about the Aberdeen Women’s Centre through the radio and a team from the centre picked me up and brought me there. I’ve been here for twelve days. When I came I was afraid I would not be healed. But I am. I’m dry.

I was really cared for by the doctor, nurses, international staff, teacher and the other patients. My husband is very, very happy.


Before coming to our centre Isha suffered for 23 years.

Isha is 48 years old. She has never been to school. At age 12 she was married, becoming her husband’s third wife.

Isha became pregnant as soon as she hit puberty and during her fifth pregnancy her child became obstructed. She was in labour for seven days and although she made it to a hospital, her child was still-born.

She quickly realised she was leaking urine and had no control of what was happening. Sitting, standing, laying, she was always leaking urine. She was shocked and scared and started hiding her bed clothes when she realised she was smelling. 

Isha spent her nights crying and lived like this for 23 years.

A friend told her about the Aberdeen Women’s Centre. There was a screening team which visited her town soon after she heard of the centre and she received the news she could be helped.

The team took her to the centre where she had the surgery and is dry!