Zainab (Aged 37)

Tears flow gently over her face as Zainab tells of her rejection

Zainab was brought to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre for fistula repair surgery by Aberdeen Women’s Centre outreach nurses, from her remote village in Moyamba District. She had been suffering with fistula for a couple of years.

She explained to us when she went into labour her family was unable to take her to hospital and couldn’t afford an ambulance. It took her village three days to raise the money for the ambulance, but it had no petrol. They had to find someone with a motorbike to go the nearest petrol station, take petrol to the village with the ambulance before it could collect Zainab. By then the long obstructed labour meant her baby had died and a fistula had formed. Zainab was malnourished, dehydrated and suffered from infected wounds. Tears flowed softly over her face as she told us that even her own children would not touch the food she struggled to prepare.

We are so pleased to say that Zainab has had successful fistula surgery at Aberdeen Women’s Centre. She returned home with her dignity restored and was welcomed with a feast, dancing, singing and opened arms by her village.

To hear more about Zainab, please click on this link for a mini documentary SBS Dateline did on her.