Transforming Lives: Your Support and The Dream Team Girls

Each year, the Aberdeen Women's Centre, through the Dream Team Project provides support to more than 300 young mothers, ensuring safe deliveries and skills training. Discover how your support has made a difference in their lives.

Sierra Leone has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in the world with 66%, occurring among teenagers aged 12 to 17.

The Dream Team Project is the only educational program that exists in the country. We believe that no one should be left behind despite their story. 

The young mothers and their babies benefit from this program through the three main aspects of support:

  • Health, Education, and Parenting Support
  • Counselling Services
  • Skills Training
Our Dream Girls during their baking training.

Our overall goal is to provide emotional and practical support to help them sustain the reality of life as a first-time teenage mother. We believe, that through education and empowerment, they can rebuild their self-esteem and confidence by teaching them new skills and allowing them to thrive in a safe space with peers.

Thanks to our supporters’ commitment, more than 270 girls graduated from the Dream Team Girls last year. This initiative seeks to transform young girls’ lives through education and empowerment at the most vulnerable moment in their lives. The girls learn different skill sets for income generation, such as hospitality, catering, housekeeping, and customer care among others. They also receive health education, literacy and numeracy classes and psychological support to rebuild their self-esteem and confidence.