We’ve done it!

We've raised over $63,000 or enough for 630 safe births.

And just like that, we’re finished! Over two weeks, hundreds of us have walked thousands of kilometres as we came together a community to walk side by side with mums and babies living in poverty in Sierra Leone.

We’ve raised over $63,000 or enough for 630 safe births. 

My heart is full thinking of Jakia who inspired this event. It is amazing to think that her struggle to get to a hospital where she could give birth safely was not in vain. She has inspired all of us to make birth safe for hundreds of more women and babies.

My heart is also full thinking of all of you. You all took on a challenge to make life better for mums and babies on the other side of the world. You stood up and walked to give women and children living in poverty a fighting chance and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Above all else, I just want to say thank you so much for joining us on this journey. You have blown me and everyone at AMF away and I couldn’t be happier looking back on what we’ve achieved.

Founder & CEO

Aminata Maternal Foundation has raised over $63,000 or enough for 630 safe births.

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